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Sunday, August 12th, 2007
10:33 pm
Another Book announcement (My Novel)


Those of you who know me well are probably aware that I've been working on a novel on and off for a while now. 

Well, It's finally about to be unleashed upon the world.

"The Brotherhood of Light and Darkness" is now available for pre-order. It will be shipping in a week or two.

For those of you out there who still remember a few things about the old days at KTO (Boston OTO), you will recognize a few familiar characters, places, and even some events, (altered enough to protect the innocent and the guilty equally). 

I'd appreciate it if you would spread the word around even if you don't get one. I'd like people to know it's out there.

Here's a link to a description and ordering info...


I also want to let any interested parties know that I have released an extremely limited (50 copies) hardcover edition of my new non-fiction magick tome "The Book of Magick Power." Almost half of them are already gone so if you are interested you should act fairly soon.


93 93/93

Thursday, June 28th, 2007
6:11 pm
My Fourth Book Announcement
I have several exciting announcements to make over the next few days, but here is a very important one to get things started.

For those of you who might be interested, the fourth magical book by Jason Augustus Newcomb is now finally available for early order. It’s called “The Book of Magick Power.” It will be shipping in early to mid July, but you can order your author-signed copy right away, and receive 15% off the cover price. Follow this link:


Here’s the basic book description:

This is the most comprehensive book on the subject of practical magick that has ever been written. Practical magick is magical work that makes real and observable changes in you and your environment through the invisible forces that manifest and transform your reality. Astral projection, telekinesis, clairvoyance, telepathy, weather magick, angelic and demonic conjuration, magnetism and fascination, manifesting love and prosperity, prophesying the future, communicating with the dead, these are just a few of the more than one hundred procedures clearly detailed in this manual. For centuries these techniques have been guarded by their few masters. The veil has finally been lifted. This definitive work simply and clearly outlines all the procedures necessary to open up the unseen world.

Many books on magick consist of page after page filled with philosophical and religious speculation, with just a few practical exercises of any actual use. This book takes the opposite approach, offering as much practical advice as possible and keeping philosophical discussions to a minimum. By providing a detailed plan of the exact things that one has to see, hear and feel when exploring psychic and magical phenomena- where to look, how to listen, what our internal feelings and visualizations must be, the results follow simply and easily. Although this book's subject is unusual, the approach is no-nonsense and grounded in reality. Practical techniques have been broken down by step, providing an exact model for success. Unleash your limitless cosmic abilities today!
Tuesday, April 17th, 2007
9:22 pm
Light and Sound Mind Machines
Recently I have been exploring the magical possibilities inherent in the use of light and sound mind machines, and I have been so impressed with their usefulness that I have started offering them on my website.


If you are unfamiliar with them, the way that these devices work is that the synchronized light and sound stimulation gently encourages your brainwaves to enter into corresponding states- alpha, theta, delta etc. It’s not really anything new at all. Flickering candle flames, ritual drumming, rhythmic chanting, these have all been used in ritual to create consciousness changes for millennia. But now the same principles are available in a compact and precise technology.

I’ve found these devices to be extremely effective in inducing all kinds of brain state changes. They are quite useful for exploring everything from deeply meditative states, improved visualization, astral projection, assumption of god forms, to invocations and transformation. I have even been using brainwave stimulation for skrying with Enochian Magick with extremely exciting positive results.

Some of the programs even produce states in me that resemble the most pleasant and educational aspects of my ayahuasca journeys from a few years back. They seem to bring you to that same hinterland of consciousness without the negative side effects of drugs.

What makes these devices so exciting to me is that they actually work so well. You just turn on a program and within a few minutes you slip into another world.

This is an extremely powerful and useful technology for serious magicians. The use of the machines seems to help condition consciousness to enter into magical states more easily in general. While I know that there is a tendency in the magical community to lean more toward anachronism than high tech gadgets, these devices are so useful that I know some of you will give them a try!

I really would like to see the magical community at large exploring these tools more for consciousness exploration, so I am making a very special offer on my website. I am already offering these machines at the lowest price I’m allowed to as an authorized dealer, along with free shipping in the United States and discounted shipping internationally. But now I am also offering four of my magical self-hypnosis CDs for $1.00 with any unit (a $60.00 retail value) and/or $40.00 dollars off my New Hermetics audio CDs. I am doing this because I am not interested in profits from these machines. I am really just interested in getting people in the magical community to use them and discover how great they are for magical development.

Monday, April 16th, 2007
11:40 pm
Abramelin Book
Finally received my official copy of the New Abramelin book. Gosh it's a good book.
Wednesday, February 21st, 2007
10:15 am
I am excited to announce that I've just released 8 new metaphysical hypnosis CDs. They are not EXACTLY New Hermetics tools, but they are somewhat simplified versions
of some fairly advanced techniques. A number of them can be adapted quite easily to advanced working of various kinds, but they are made to be simple enough for anyone to get some use out of. You can check them out here...


I'm really enthusiastic about them. I think they are some of my best work to date!

Current Mood: ecstatic
Wednesday, October 18th, 2006
11:01 am
Abramelin Update
Moments after writing my review I got on the phone with the production editor of this new book, and she told me that she "hoped" it would be coming out soon. This was a bit disturbing. I'm sure it will be coming out soon. It's entirely done, and money has been invested etc. but i apologize if you ordered it from amazon yesterday and it takes a bit longer than 1-2 weeks to get it. On the other hand, if everyone started ordering it like crazy that would get some fire under the butts of the folks at Ibis.

In answer to the questions that some asked, yes i still stand behind my "21st Century Mage"- not so much the cover art- but the contents. :-)

The new translation does not radically change the operation, just its suggested length. The "knowledge and conversation" is really an issue of consciousness. Anyone can use "technical" magic to invoke and evoke spirits right now. The purpose of Abramelin's system is to give you grounding in the spiritual life, so that you will be enlightened by your magick, and not enslaved to the "unredeemed spirits."

Can this be done in six months? For some, yes. Others, no. Some may take 18 months or years. Some people are born in such a state that they are already "enlightened." For others, it will be the work of several lifetimes.

And yes, my baby daughter Aurora is great. She's a sweet-heart and a wiggle-worm. She started her 8th month today.
Monday, October 16th, 2006
2:27 pm
The Book of Abramelin- a Review of the New Translation from Ibis Books
By the grace and blessing of Adonai I was fortunate enough to receive an advance copy of this new edition of “The Book of Abramelin,” edited by Georg Dehn, and translated into English by Steven Guth.

First, let me mention that the old Dover edition of “The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage” was one of the most influential books in the earliest parts of my own magical journey. And I mean the earliest parts. I first found the book when I was twelve or thirteen and I found the text utterly enchanting. Just a glance at my copy would show you how important it was to me. It is so ragged from reading and rereading that it has been taped back together and is hardly recognizable. I also discovered Aleister Crowley’s “Magick in Theory and Practice” around this same time, and quickly noticed that Crowley’s book is largely a commentary on the Abramelin operation itself, with frequent digressions into Qabala and veiled allusions to a secret “Formula of the Rosy Cross,” that I only much later realized were concealed references to Sex Magick. All this further enchanted me, and sparked a lifelong journey that has brought me to where I am today.

So, when I first started hearing rumors about this new translation of “The Book of Abramelin” several years ago, I felt a bit uneasy. The main features of these rumors were that a more accurate copy of the text had been found by someone in Germany, that this more accurate version contained a missing fourth book, and that in actuality the Abramelin operation was supposed to take 18 months instead of the six months prescribed in MacGregor Mathers’ translation. The whole prospect sounded slightly troubling to me.

It certainly seemed plausible that the operation was intended to be longer. I’d already acknowledged this in my own mind and in print in my first book “21st Century Mage.” The operation could take quite a bit longer than six months. I’d also decided in my own mind that the length of the operation was a personal matter that had more to do with the spiritual readiness of the aspirant than it had to do with days on a calendar. But if the prescriptions of the book were massively different than what we had all thought, this would alter so many assumptions in the world of modern magick.

The “six month” benchmark of occultism dwells in the unconscious of so many modern magi, and it is strange to think of a world in which this is utterly arbitrary and even hopelessly inadequate. So many people have told me that they would love to conduct the Abramelin operation, but that they couldn’t possibly devote a whole six months to it. If this operation was extended to a year and a half, my gosh, I couldn’t see anyone even thinking about trying it.

I was very curious about what the missing book contained. The conjecture that I heard was basically that the fourth book contained the missing year of the operation. Were there further developments in the practice that had been unknown to us all? Were there other conjurations, advanced prayer techniques, meditations, even some sort of mystical Hebrew yoga that we were all missing out on all these years? If so, this would be utterly fascinating, and a bit scary at the same time. But this was all utterly wrong.

In fact, the missing book is actually the least interesting section of the new edition as far as I’m concerned. Others might find it intriguing, but I found it fairly irrelevant. Apparently so did the translator and editor, since they only bothered to publish about twenty percent of the material, as “representative samples.” What this missing book actually contains is a series of small magical recipes, much like you find in other magical grimoires, usually involving writing little prayers on wax, wood, metal etc., mostly derivative of the Psalms. It is called a book of the “mixed kabbalah” and is intended to be used entirely separately from the Abramelin material. The original author even acknowledges that it is much less useful than the Abramelin magical letter squares and the operation in general.

However, that being said, this new translation is really a treasure. The text is so much more readable and comprehensible than the Mathers translation. Gone are the archaic verbiage and confusing passages. I found the excitement of my childhood welling up inside me as I read each page. There are also many new details in Abraham’s personal story, and the presentation of the operation is much easier to understand. There are so many nuanced differences in this edition that I could write a whole book just on the distinctions present in the new volume. I will only share a few.

First of all, the operation is in fact eighteen months long. These months are split into three periods. In the Mathers version, these periods are two months long each, while in this new version, they are each six month periods. This is the only difference in the specific instructions regarding these periods, which are otherwise the same as the Mathers version. Anyone familiar with my book “21st Century Mage” will notice that I kept this division into three, but gave some thoughts on spiritual benchmarks for when each was complete, rather than insisting upon a specific time period. I still feel strongly that this is a perfectly valid way of dividing up the operation. Six months or eighteen months may be far too long or far too short for that matter.

Another intriguing difference is that mention of a “child” being used for clairvoyance at the climax of the operation is completely absent. This always seemed out of place to me, and I’m glad to see that my instincts were right. The editor of the French version that Mathers used for his translation clearly made some curious choices in altering the text. This is further evidenced in the fact that the section relating to a metal plate on which the Angel will give his seal has been moved to a different place, and has a different context entirely.

Further and perhaps most importantly, the magical letter squares in this version are entirely different. To begin with, they are completely filled in. As anyone familiar with the Mathers translation will know, many of the squares contained only one or two lines of text. Some mages have felt that this was intentional, that this was just how the squares were designed, others felt that the spaces were left empty for the Holy Guardian Angel to fill in. Well, the truth is that they were just hopelessly butchered in the version Mathers used for translation, but now have been restored to their compete form.

Even more importantly, they are now in their proper places within the chapters. They had previously been mixed up arbitrarily, and their purposes garbled and confused. This actually makes for a very funny gaff on the part of Aleister Crowley. As a little joke on his readers, Crowley printed one of the Abramelin squares from the Mathers edition on the first page of his edition of “The Goetia.” The square purported to have the power to “undo any magic whatsoever.” So, in essence, Crowley was trying to render the book magically inert. However, the joke is really on Uncle Al. According to the new edition, that square actually has an entirely different purpose- “to bring one books on astronomy.” Further, the square happens to be one that is missing most of its letters, so it was a rather futile effort either way. You hear stories about people going mad from using the squares without conducting the entire operation first. I wonder how many of them were using incomplete squares with utterly different purposes than they thought? How silly they seem now.

The new book also contains quite a bit of conjectural biographical material on Abraham of Worms, the original author of the book. It also has a chronicle of the adventures of the editor as he followed the travels of Abraham and his attempts to even find the hermitage of Abramelin the Mage. The book is illustrated throughout with numerous maps and pictures of medieval Europe, and photos of several manuscript pages from the numerous copies of the book that the editor found in his quest to create this wonderful new and accurate presentation of “The Book of Abramelin.” In short, this book is a must-have for any curious student of the Western Mystery Tradition. Reserve your copy today.

I dedicate this review to Keith418, who wants me to post more :-)
Sunday, October 9th, 2005
11:50 pm
Thelema Coast to Coast and sundry
I want to mention to anyone interested that I was interviewed by John Crow for his latest podcast of Thelema coast to coast. Thanks Robert, for your encouragement, and John, for the great interview. I haven't heard the interview back yet, so I don't know how it came out really, but hopefully it's interesting. If you are not subscribed to John's very cool podcast you can download it at


He also has interviews with a number of other much more illustrious writers and thinkers, including a very intriguing-looking interview with Frater Achad's son...

I also thought I'd share some of my recent thoughts, in part to assuage the ire of keith418 who recently told me that I would be better served by writing interesting things in my livejournal rather than just using it to suggest that people should buy my books. I can't guarntee that my thoughts are interesting, but here are a few...

I have recently been reading a lot of older books, most notably Iamblichus:On the Mysteries of Egypt and Apuleius's The Golden Ass. One thing that really strikes me about The Golden Ass is "witches" play an important and integral role in the story. What's more, they are not Christianized witches, but rather pre-christian witches. What I find fascinating is that while there isn't even the slightest hint about any kind of "devil," witches are still considered "bad" in the context of the story.

This really brings me back to a question that has run through my mind many times over my past decades in the magical community. Why do modern neo-pagans use this pejorative word to describe themselves? I really don't mean this as a slight to anyone that identifies as a witch, (many dear to me describe themselves thus) but the term, (or its equivalent in ancient tongues) even before the rise of Christianity was used to describe people who used black magick to satisfy their base desires and to cause trouble to their enemies. This is what a witch was, even in the ancient world. A witch was a diabolical conjurer who abused the power of the Gods. In the Golden Ass, the witches confine all of their work to seducing lovers, and then tormenting those lovers magically when they are inevitably scorned.

Witchcraft as we know it today seeks to identify as an "ancient religion of the great goddess," but in ancient times that religion (or religions) clearly existed side by side with witchcraft, and was considered in an entirely separate category. The priests and priestesses of the gods considered witches and conjurers to be either frauds, or worse, creatures who had allied themselves with or mastered the kakodaimonic sunthemata of the Gods. In slightly less archaic words, the ancient witches had learned ways to connect with the dark elements of the god-energies in the sub-lunar realms, and directed these blind forces maliciously and irresponsibly. Again, this seems very contrary to the way that modern witches usually behave and I am really curious why witches have chosen this label.

I understand the sequence of events involving Murray and Gardner and Aradia etc. intellectually, but I suppose I just don't quite "get it."

Further, the Golden Ass story is framed around another interesting enigma: the flying ointment. This legendary substance seems to form an extremely central role in stories of witches from the middle ages, and now I see that it was equally important to much earlier stories. The anthropologist Michael Harner and a large number of other sources provide compelling evidence that this flying ointment was a psychedelic cocktail composed of several atropine-containing plants such as belladonna, datura, henbane, mandrake etc.

But use of this substance is almost completely absent from modern witchcraft. Not only that, but when these plants are mentioned in works on modern witchcraft it is almost always accompanied by the most dire warnings that one should never, ever, ever try using them because they are the most deadly and dangerous things that the writer could ever think of! Some writers even have the audacity to suggest "safe" alternative "flying ointments" involving ingredients like peppermint, chamomile and mugwort, as if these denizens of the healthfood market could ever facilitate a journey into the unknown. This again brings me back to that same question- why the name witch, when one is seeking something safe? Witches are not safe by nature!

And finally, I must add that I have engaged in quite a few experiments with solanaceous plants, and have found them to be, while potentially extremely powerful, not nearly as poisonous and terrible as their reputation would lead you to believe. But perhaps they might be quite toxic to someone else. Who knows. But what I do know for certain is that nobody who writes disparaging things about these plants has any first hand experience with them, and is spreading third-hand nonsense from old nineteenth century herbal almanacs composed by people who had also not personally experienced the wonderful power of the lovely Belladonna.
Wednesday, September 28th, 2005
3:56 pm
Coming to MA
I would like to mention that i am going to be in the Massachusetts vicinity this weekend, if anyone wants to hang out on Saturday night.
Tuesday, September 27th, 2005
1:39 am
I forgot to mention that "The New Hermetics" made Weiser's list of top ten best sellers on Amazon.com for the first time this week. It actually slightly beat out "The Book of Thoth," which I guess is Crowley's best-seller. I think my book was number three on the list.

So, if any of you are thinking about purchasing any of my books, do it from Amazon so I can make that list again. That'd be swell. And if you wanted to buy like ten copies, that's be even more swell! :-)

I am also really interested in speaking to local OTO groups. I attempted to set something up with New Hermetics, but it never came together. Any of you who could put something together in your local groups would be great!
12:27 am
I have been having a very strange year. I haven't been keeping up with livejournal, but I hope to start keeping an eye on it more regularly, and even posting more.

On the one hand I have been having a great year. Many things have never been better. I have recently created a six-month program for my New Hermetics, and I've gotten the chance to participate in the rapid blossoming of a number of people. It's a very satisfying experience, both for the participants and myself. Watching people become focused, self-directed, disciplined and aware of their own power and genius is really special. My love life is very good. My home is peaceful and my creativity has been flowing like never before. My spiritual life is beautific.

On the other hand, in my social world, I feel distant from a lot of people who have been very close to me over the years, and from people who I hoped were going to be closer friends than they have turned out to be. So much of my social life has surrounded OTO for the last decade or so that it has been strange not to have my OTO friends near at hand. I feel like my OTO relationships have all but disappeared because I have not been nearby to cultivate them.

What's more, I really feel like my magical writing, with notable exceptions such as Robert and Cindy at LVX, Joseph and a few others Sekhet Maat and of course some of my litter mates at KTO, has been largely ignored by the OTO community. This may just be my perception, but when I last checked in Lia seemed to agree with me. When other OTO members have published, there has generally been excitement and promotion and word of mouth all over the place. But I don't really feel like I've gotten much support.

Of course I am a Leo, and still suffer some small portion of the curse of my nativity, but I am fairly certain that it is not all in my head.

Is it possible that some of my intimate OTO brothers and sisters could take it upon themselves to let our fellow brothers and sisters know that my writing exists, and that I am a brother? I still find people saying to me, "Oh! I didn't know you were in the OTO!" This seems very odd. How is it that within a group so small and insular my work has failed to even hit the radar?

How many of you have read my new book? It's really good. The weird thing is that I receive a ton of positive mail every week. I'd just like to see a bit more of it from my brothers and sisters in OTO.

Well, I'll end this whiney post now. I'll try to write a warm and fuzzy one soon.
Tuesday, February 15th, 2005
11:52 pm
Please pre-order my new book "Sexual Sorcery"
Hi Everyone,

Thought I'd just let you all know that you can now pre-order a signed copy of my new book "Sexual Sorcery" at the following link:


Weiser's promotional copy:

Sexual Sorcery

A Complete Guide to Sex Magick

Jason Augustus Newcomb

In plain, straightforward language, Jason Newcomb, author of 21st Century Mage and The New Hermetics, tackles a subject that many magical texts gloss over or ignore- the practice of sex magick. Sexual Sorcery covers the many aspects of using sex as a sacrament, a ritual, or an expression of divine love.It also provides plenty of practical information helpful to any modern sexual sorcerer.

Sexual Sorcery includes preliminaries to practice, such as how to broach the subject of sex magick with a partner (or how to find a partner), explanations of sexual technique as well as etiquette and energy, and the value of love in any relationship, especially a sexual relationship incorporating magick. From this base, Sexual Sorcery delves into the various techniques, types, and rituals of sex magick- using magick to enhance sex, ecstatic and mystical experiences during sex, and more esoteric techniques of sexual invocation, evocation and alchemy.

Newcomb defines a sorcerer as a solitary magician who is outside any particular faith or group, unbounded by the prohibitions of an order or coven, and able to explore the furthest realms of a subject without restriction. In this case the subject is sex magick, and Sexual Sorcery is the perfect guide for any 21st-century sexual sorcerer. It follows no one particular path, but incorporates what works from other esoteric sexual practices.

* Draws from traditional sources of sex magick to create one comprehensive, modern, magical system.

* Covers sex magick from both singles’ and couples’ – gay and straight- points of view.

* Sex should be a “religious experience” and here’s how to make it one.
Tuesday, January 11th, 2005
1:28 pm
Pantheacon 2005
Hey friends!

I am thinking, and realizing that while I am booked to present at Pantheacon again this year, I have given no thought to where I am going to stay. If you or anyone that you know is going to that event, and would consider sharing a room with me that'd be super swell! Hope someone out there is interested, or I'll be wandering the halls of the doubletree hotel for three nights!
Saturday, November 27th, 2004
1:07 am
Hello all
Haven't posted in a million years, as I've been really focused on other stuff.

Just in case anyone is interested, I'm currently living in Orlando, FL.

I finished my sex magick book and it's in to the publisher.

I've been painting a lot.

I'm writing a novel.

I am starting to think I should probably do the New Hermetics tour I promised sometime soon. I had planned to do it this fall, but I got distracted by several unexpected transcontinental moves.
Thursday, May 13th, 2004
4:10 pm
Portland, ME
So I'm in maine now, but it's probably going to take a few days for me to get situated enough to reach out to any of my friends. I need to find a decent car. Does anyone have any recon on a car in these parts?

I also don't have internet yet so I'm at the library. blech.
Tuesday, May 11th, 2004
12:10 am
Leaving LA
So tomorrow is going to be my last day in LA for the next four months. I am going to be living in Portland, ME for a couple of months and then travelling about, talking about my new book with whoever is willing.

It's odd to leave LA, put my stuff into a little storage cubby, not know where I'm going exactly. It's fun. Butit's sad to leave LA, even thoughit's dirty and mean, like a terrible girlfriend with whom the sex is fantastic.

Portland seems quite quiet and boring in comparison. But it'll be a good kind of quiet as my book needs to get finished.
Wednesday, April 21st, 2004
11:51 am
Sex Magick
I am currently writing something about sexuality and magick, and would like to get some general information about female sexuality, and female sexuality as it applies to mysticism and magick.

I need to more fully understand what women are going through in terms of their sexuality in order to write something that is balanced. I really need the help of my female friends! If I don't hear from you I'll send you a personal email begging you for help later, so you may as well just answer this now.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could answer this little questionnaire I've created.

I realize that these questions are very intimate and your answers will be held in strictest confidence, and I'll be forever grateful for your help. If you don't feel comfortable answering any of the questions you could just answer the ones you can, but as much information as you can afford would be so greatly appreciated. Understand that this is research and not just because of my own prurient interests.

I'd prefer that you respond to me privately off-site, so please paste these questions into the body of an email to this address:


Please describe yourself briefly and generally, age, professional background, education etc.

Do you feel like you have a stronger or a weaker drive toward sex than your male partners?

How often do you masturbate?

Do you ever use aids (such as vibrators etc.)?

Are you able to easily achieve orgasm during sex with a partner?

Were you always able to do so?

How did you learn to have an orgasm during sex?

Do you ever use masturbation during the sex act in order to reach orgasm?

Do you feel that your sex partners are generally trying to meet your needs during sex?

How could your needs be better met?

Do you feel like there is a difference between your orgasms with a partner as opposed to masturbating?

Is this difference in quality or an actual physiological difference?

Is there a difference in your bodily response during sex with a partner (ie: a heightened pleasure response or an anesthesia)

Do you feel that your clitoris is adequately stimulated during sex?

Do you feel that there is more than one type of female orgasm?

Please describe orgasm for you, in as much detail as you can, both physiologically, psychologically and spiritually. (If you have more than one type, please describe all separately)

Do you feel a greater sense of satisfaction in masturbation or with a partner?

Is this greater satisfaction physical, psychological or spiritual?

What are some specific things that turn you on with a sexual partner?

What are some specific things that turn you off with a sexual partner?

If you could give one (or more) piece of advice to men in general about sex, what would you say?

Do you find your sexual interest diminishes with the same partner over time?

If so, how do you continue being turned on during sex? Fantasy? Please describe.

Do you ever use sex simply to placate your partner, and get little out of it? Do you reach orgasm at those times?

When a man wants to launch magical energy with his orgasm, he flows it outward with his ejaculation. Female orgasm does not necessarily involve an ejaculation. If you were launching a magical spell with your orgasm, how would that energy flow? Describe your idea in as much detail as possible.

How do you feel about being the container into which a man launches magical energy?

If someone told you that they had been doing sex magick while you were having sex and had not told you about it, how would you feel?

What if they had been practicing sexual mysticism (union with God/dess through sex)?

If you wanted to do sex magick but your partner did not, would you feel comfortable not telling him about it and doing it anyway?

What about sexual mysticism?

How do you feel about the idea of you directing the energy of a man's orgasm toward a magical goal of your own without him knowing about it?

If you did decide to do that, how do you think you would go about using and directing that energy?

I have noticed a universal phenomenon in that sexual books (whether magical or mundane) written by women emphasize relationship and closeness as a general guiding principle, and books written by men emphasize technique and formula. Do you have any thoughts on this?

What kind of book would you prefer?
Tuesday, April 13th, 2004
11:09 pm
Just taught another workshop on my New Hermetics, and i had a wonderful epiphany on the way home that should make future classes much more delightful for all who participate.

Thanks to all who attended and listened to me prattle on and on. The next one I do will be a revolution from what I've been doing so far, and I really appreciate the indulgence of LVX to let me work on this again and again :-)
Wednesday, April 7th, 2004
9:58 pm
Such a crazy week
Oh man, in the last week I've had a movie date with legendary experimental filmmaker Kenneth Anger (I chauffered him to a special screening of a crazy 1930's era film at universal studios), gotten approved for thousands of dollars of credit and had an account closed because of bad credit behavior in the same week, my roommate/occasional (very at this point) lover is moving all her stuff out and going back to the east coast, I got a storage space and PO Box and I'm getting ready to move into virtual reality, and yesterday I received my first random phone call from a fan. Luckily this fan happens to be someone who might be able to help my career, but he still tracked me down through the phonebook. Luckily, my listed number is going away at the end of this month.

Well, it's all fun, and i'm gearing up for a really big adventure that i'll write about in full some other day...
Saturday, March 27th, 2004
5:49 pm
New Hermetics Book
Hi journal friends!

For most of you who tried to pre-order my book today, oops!

Well, the link should be fixed at this point, and here it is, along with alternate options...


Or the page which goes to both of my books...


Or just the page for the Center of Changes webstore in general


I'd really love to have a ton of pre-orders for my book, so if you want to spread this information around it would be fabulous. Particularly those of you who are familiar with my work in one way or another.

Well, I had a great day today. Went to the Jung library with my two pals, and then to the Bodhi Tree bookstore. Then talked about OTO politics for a while. All in all a very nerdy day.
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