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mage21nuhermes's Journal

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I am a writer, artist and performer who used to live in a small noisy apartment in Los Angeles, but now lives in a quiet house in Florida, ah, the quietude. I like to spend a lot of time meditating and studying sacred writings and magick. I am working on getting two more books published right now, a novel and another musing on the occult. I have a beautiful baby girl and a wonderful fiance.
21st century mage, 418, 93, a.'.a.'., abramelin, albert einstein, alchemy, aleister crowley, altered states of consciousness, alternative medicine, anais nin, art, astrology, austin osman spare, automatic drawing, avant-garde, babalon, belly dance, books, buddhism, carl jung, ceremonial magick, chaos magick, conspiracy theories, dionysus, discordia, divine eroticism, dreams, drinking, drugs, egypt, enochian magick, entheogens, erotica, experimental, eyes, eyes in pyramids, fetish, firearms, fnord, gnostic mass, gnosticism, goetia, golden dawn, hadit, harry potter, herbalism, hermeticism, horus, hypnosis, iao, illuminati, illumination, improv, independant movies, initiation, israel regardie, jack parsons, kaballah, kali, knights templar, knights templar oasis, kto, kundalini, liber al, liber throa, magick, mantak chia, marquis de sade, meditation, meta-programming, mind expansion, mithras, mysticism, neuro-linguistic programming, new hermetics, nietzsche, nlp, nuit, o.t.o., occult, ordo templi orientis, oto, pagan, painting, pan, paschal beverly randolph, performing, philosophy, poetry, polyamory, poop jokes, pranayama, psychedelics, psychodrama, qabala, qabalah, ra-hoor-khuit, red dwarf, religion, richard pryor, ritual magick, ritual sacrifice, robert anton wilson, robert heinlein, rumi, sacred geometry, sacred whores, scarlet women, sex, sex magick, sexual alchemy, sexual sorcery shamanism, sigils, snuggling, solipsism, song writing, steve martin, strange drugs, sufism, syd barrett, talismanic magick, tantra, tao te ching, tarot, tarot cards, templars, the beast, the new hermetics, thelema, tree of life, wilhelm reich, william blake, wines that foam, witchcraft, writing, yoga